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A Thank You Letter to the Hammer & Hope Team

Everything worth doing is done with other people.

Hammer & Hope

Joy Yamusangie

Hammer & Hope began as an idea soon after the 2020 rebellion when millions of people worldwide risked their health during a pandemic to protest the havoc wrought on Black lives by capitalism and state violence. But the underlying conditions that drove people into the streets are still with us. So we decided to create this magazine as a small contribution towards helping to build the kind of radical, disruptive social movements that are needed to change the status quo. And we’re honored to do this work with some wonderful people. There are too many of them to thank, but we’ll start here:

Thank you to Chuck Gonzales, David Latimore, Jon Key, and the rest of the Morcos Key team for bringing our visual identity and website to life.

Thank you, Ena Alvarado, Danielle Mackey, Hahrie Han, Rosemary Bray McNatt, Sandy B., Sarah Fan, Shilpa Jindia, and Shirley Ngozi Nwangwa for your sharp pens and rigorous standards. You made our words sing.

Thank you to Alexandra Zsigmond, Jeffrey Henson Scales, and Ryan Walker for surrounding this project with urgent, bold, and evocative art.

Thank you to our editorial squad Amna Akbar, Astra Taylor, Derecka Purnell, and Femi Táíwò for pouring your time, ideas, and creativity into this magazine — and in particular to nia t. evans for your leadership.

Thank you to Johanna Steinberg, Julie Fain, and Luna Yasui for believing in this project in its infancy and helping us carry it across the finish line.

Thank you to Jamal Jordan, Jim Plank, and Olympia Feil for helping to launch our magazine into the world.

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